26 octubre, 2012


If we all share a common fear of death, we also share a common anxiety. Then, we are all hostages of a malignant power that conditions us to live in a permanent unconscious or conscious sense of uneasiness. It is the fear of dissolution, suffering, and evil. All our lives are spent like prisoners under the grip of fear and terror, in spite of all our masks and disguises we use. We, human beings, are very good at hiding our deep worries: entertainment, distraction, isolation, sublimation and anchoring are the repressional mechanisms we use to conceal our raw dilemma. If prisoners of this deep fear of death, our acting, choosing and living as a whole; are already conditioned by this pathological force. Existentially speaking we aren’t free. We are under a permanent blackmail.

The question is: Is there a way out of this predicament? What could a prisoner do under this inescapable or inexorable condition in order to become free?

I don't have a "zorra" idea.

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