04 septiembre, 2012


If there isn't an absolute truth at the core of our existence, then everything becomes expediency; and, if expediency nothingness takes over. Perhaps, this is the source of evil —once absolute truth is erased from consciousness, then we have already outreached the limitless freedom of nothingness. Thus, no obstacle or impediment will restrain our will.

But absolute truth is always within our easy grasp: do not kill, do not, steal, do not deceive, do not exploit your neighbor or stranger, etc...

This is the golden rule that must be applied by any human being on Earth.

3 comentarios:

  1. This is the natural law. Today is very common to turn right into wrong and wrong into right by using all sort of cunning and "clever" ways and tricks. XAVIER

  2. But the only way to detect those tricks and clever ways is observing the visible conduct of any human being. A person whose freedom is totally immersed in acting according to “natural law” standards is a person who either we learn to trust, respect and appreciate; or otherwise we feel kind of uncomfortable with. If the former, then it means we share the same “spirit of the Law” regardless personal ideas, theology, ideology, etc. If the latter, there is something wrong with us regardless whatever ideology, theology or ideas we profess. One of the present mistakes with religious people and religion in general is to pay more attention to words, feelings and subjective discourse than to the objective facts of conduct; visible conduct; concrete conduct that permeates the whole personality (soul) of a person. That is why we shouldn’t trust words, just words, beautiful words and feelings about a supposed faith. The history of religion is full of those evil or despiteful natures, which in the name of God or Jesus did all the harm they could and more. What do you think about this?.

  3. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario que las palabras en si son vacias de contenido si no analizamos la personas, sus actuaciones y actitud frente a los demas, y esto no solamente respecto a la religion. Creo que la foto que acompana el texto expresa muy bien este concepto.

    Marius (Tel Aviv)


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