08 septiembre, 2012


If the only way we can recognize a Christian believer is through his conduct; then, faith’s objective materiality comes through works. There’s no other way. Those doctrines of faith we are supposed to uphold and believe, can just become words we may repeat over and over, unless they show their materiality in works and action. Then, we’re talking about real faith. Not subjective faith, but real and objective faith.

But faith is something ungraspable to the mind. In other words, the mind quickly forgets or detaches itself from words or symbols or stories which fully depend on its faculty of imagination. Imagination is not reliable. Human beings are wholly unable to sustain faith as words, as discourse; as the source of our behavior. That’s why we are utterly lost. Totally lost.

That’s why we Radical Calvinists believe in the absolutely miracle of faith. Faith cannot exist unless God awakens that power on us; unless God, freely and graciously, concedes that gift to us. Once chosen there’s no way out. There’s no way one can resists faith, and if faith becomes absolute because it depends on God; then our conduct must show a persistent attachment to Universal Law.   

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